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When you are a teacher, you will know about your class’s worthy and dull students properly. The same is for the concrete contractors Vancouver also. They will know the differences, pros, and cons of different kinds of driveway pavers.

Fundamental Differences Between Asphalt and Concrete Driveways

Perhaps you have just finished the construction of your new home or are remodeling the old one. You need to set up a new driveway or replace the old place. But whatever your plan is, you should always choose the proper material for your driveway. Both the materials asphalt and concrete are two popular materials for your driveway. You may want to know the fundamental difference before picking up anyone for your driveway.

These two materials have similarities and dissimilarities too. Both of them have the same base -gravel. The common materials, sand and stone are used to manufacture them. You can judge their difference from their adherent materials. Cement is used to make concrete, and asphalt is mainly petroleum-based. For this reason, the differences between these two started to develop. The primary measurement of the differences between asphalt and concrete are:


If you first want to compare asphalt and concrete, you will perhaps ask for the cost difference. Asphalts are more inexpensive than concrete. The price range of asphalt is from $2.00 to $4.00 per square foot. Price may vary if the cost of the crude oils is not stable. But for the concrete driveway, you may have to spend from $4.00 to $6.00 per square foot. In addition, the price variations will increase with the finishing, details, etc. It may even cost you $15.00 per square foot.

Repair and Maintenance

Repair and maintenance are two crucial facts for the materials you use on your driveway. When it is asphalt, you have to seal it within six months to one year of installation. To keep the asphalt serving well, you should seal it every three to five years. Thus, you can extend the durability of your driveway without the involvement of professionals. Many fellow homeowners do the same. But the same effect will not be for the concrete. In addition, it does not need too much sealing.

Sealing the concrete will make its appearance more beautiful and keep the finishing intact. People like it very much. Using the degreasers will increase the cost of maintenance of your concrete. But through this method, you can remove grease, oil, chemical, or fuel stains from the concrete surface, and it is not possible to create the surface again and again.

Long-Lasting Benefits

Asphalt is behind the durability traits of the concrete as concrete is more durable. If you can do the maintenance properly, it will serve you for 30 years in a stretch for asphalt. For the concrete, the durability will be more than 5o years without too much repair or maintenance.

Appearance and Design

Exterior looks are essential for your driveways. The materials used to manufacture them have a considerable contribution to it. You can customize concrete according to your favorite color. Thus, you can design your concrete according to your wish and create an exclusive structure. The finishing of the concrete has an alternative color like gray, off-white, etc.

On the other hand, asphalt has to roll and compress when you start installing them. It is not easy to install the asphalt. Asphalt does not have a good finishing. The color of the asphalt is only black. However, some sealers have some color variations.

Condition Of the Weather

Climate change and weather can both affect the materials of your driveway. The concrete starts to crack because of the continuous cold temperature of the extreme cold weather. Besides, salt also affects the surface of the concrete. In the case of asphalt, the hot temperature can be bad for it. They soften when the temperature is too hot. The most disgusting thing is that this soft asphalt can stick to clothes, shoes, or vehicles. There are so many differences between the materials. Now let’s see the differences in a short time once again between asphalt and concrete:

Asphalt Driveway

  • Budget-friendly
  • Soft materials can be spoiled quickly
  • Asphalt needs a lot of maintenance, but it is easy to repair than concrete
  • You can save money with regular maintenance
  • It does not have too many color variations. But modern technology has successfully mixed colors with asphalt or made color variations into the seal.
  • The durability is more than 30 years
  • Sometimes it needs resurfacing
  • You have to reseal asphalt after every three to five years

Now you have to decide about the use of asphalt. If you have a small family, asphalt is okay for you. But if your family is big and busy, you will not feel comfortable using asphalt driveways. As there will be many people who will use the driveway many times a day. But asphalt is affordable, and many people select it for this reason.

Concrete Driveway

  • The durability of concrete is beyond question as it is more durable than asphalt.
  • Concretes tend to crack in an icy situation
  • The durability of concrete is more than 50 years.
  • You can do only one maintenance of the concrete that is degreasing sometimes.
  • The concrete has the opportunity to resurface too many different patterns. Stamped concrete may provide you with huge varieties and shapes of concrete with a massive shade of color.
  • Even being very durable, concrete needs some repair sometimes. It is a firm and more expensive procedure than asphalt.

You may want to have a customized design in your driveway. Then you can pick concrete. It will provide you with variations in design and colors too. The long-lasting use is also ensured when you have a concrete driveway.

Closing Remarks

Suppose you have no time to research the required materials for your driveway between asphalt and concrete; dial the number of the concrete contractors Vancouver. They will understand your requirements and taste. According to that, they will handle the rest of the work efficiently. Just let them know your color and design choice, and they will present you with a beautiful driveway!

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